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Go anywhere - Look everywhere, rotographs - as in rotary photographs - have the ability to empower viewers to interact with products, places and events in both real and virtual worlds, enriching web and CD content.

Rotography has a close working relationship with Huddersfield University over several years and continues to research the development of imagery technologies. Publications on several topics including Panoramic Imaging, Stereo Vision and Colour Correction can be read at http://scom.hud.ac.uk/sengdg2

panoramic rotographs
With these rotographs the user is placed in the middle of a scene and is able to view the whole panorama with 360 degree navigation facilities. Ideal for museums and galleries, tourism, property, automotive and promotional activities - example

object rotographs
These allow users to take control of objects and view them from any angle or viewpoint, ultimately giving full global 360 degree control. Applications include showing clothing on models and demonstrating manufacturing process simulations - example

virtual rotographs
Virtual rotographs of both objects and panoramas can be created from initial designs and original 3D models, or be produced entirely by our own studio staff - example

interactive video
Imagine being able to enter a video of a real place and move in any direction at your own pace just by using the mouse. Interactive video captures digital information as full 360 degree spherical images and allows playback in the same format. Applications are unlimited but are of particular interest for law enforcement, security and defence, property development, tourism and news and sport sectors - example

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